Zebra crossing for Morrinsville

Matamata-Piako District Council has resolved to install a compliant “zebra” pedestrian crossing in Morrinsville to improve pedestrian safety.

The Council’s decision follows representations from Grey Power and investigation into costs for options, including what could have been the first set of traffic lights in the district.

Council sought independent advice on the two options and decided against a signalised crossing due to the significantly higher costs.

A detailed engineering estimate for traffic lights was $125,000. 

“The original estimates were prepared on limited information at short notice,” said chief executive Don McLeod. “Further investigation by consultants enabled detailed estimates to be prepared.” 

In comparison, the physical works for a formal pedestrian crossing was estimated to cost at most $40,000. 

This estimate allows for realigning the existing diagonal informal crossing to be straight across the road. It also allows for signage and markings to make it legally compliant.

The cost will be less if the current crossing alignment is kept, but will have the drawback of losing more parking spaces on either side of the crossing, in order to maintain sight lines.

“Whether we stick to the current alignment or realign straight across the road will be decided once we have looked at both detailed designs,” he said.

The costs of the zebra crossing beacons and road marking will be shared equally with NZ Transport Agency under Council’s subsidised road renewal programme.