Important notice to ratepayers

The first instalment rates notices for 2017/2018 have been posted out. The last day for payment of this instalment is 25 August 2017.

Payment options:

Cash, cheque, eftpos and credit card: at your Area Office

Automatic payments: please check that your payments will cover the
current year’s rates

Direct debits: will be processed on the night of 25 August 2017

Electronic banking: please ensure the correct references are lodged with your payment. These can be found on the back of your rates invoice

Credit card: pay via our website, under Pay It (please note a 1.95% surcharge applies to online credit card payments). 

A 10% additional charge will be added to any part of this first instalment that remains unpaid at 5pm on 25 August 2017. If you have not received your rates notice, or need to check your account balance, please contact Customer Services on 0800 746 467.