Dog registration and stock callout fees

Council has set the following dog control fees for the 2017/2018 registration year.

Full registration fee $116.00

The below rebates where applicable can be deducted from the registration fee.

Responsible owner’s rebate $15.00
De-sexed, working, or NZ Kennel Club Breeder rebate $30.00
No complaints rebate $35.00

Payment after 31 July 2017 will result in a 50% penalty fee.

You may also be issued with a $300 infringement fine for keeping an unregistered dog.

Dog impounding fees

First impounding $50.00
Second impounding (registration year) $80.00
Third and subsequent impounding (registration year) $125.00
Daily sustenance $12.50
Microchipping $60.00

Stock call out fees

During office hours $125.00
After hours (per call out inclusive of mileage) $175.00
Impounding fee (per head) $50.00
Daily sustenance (per head) $6.00

Plus all associated costs (i.e. transport, advertising)

All the above fees are inclusive of 15% GST.

To advise us of any change of address, contact details, dog ownership or for further information, please contact our Customer Services on 07 884 0060 (Morrinsville and Te Aroha) or 07 881 9050 (Matamata).

D J McLeod
Chief Executive Officer