Morrinsville river walk a hidden gem


Our district is filled with hidden gems and you don’t have to scratch the surface very hard to find them.

One of those is the walking track in Morrinsville that will eventually see Holmwood Park connected to the recreation grounds alongside the Piako and Waitakaruru Streams.

Longtime Morrinsville residents will be familiar with the south end of the track which stretches from Avenue Road South to Studholme Street, running below the recreation grounds.

This was created in the 1970s and has been maintained and further developed over the years to provide a mixed-terrain walk for those who like to test their fitness.

At the far eastern side of the town, in the Holmwood Park subdivision, is the other end of the track, developed after the subdivision was completed in 1997. Featuring a picturesque 30-minute walk around a manmade pond and extending around to Riverview Road, the track is wheelchair friendly from the carpark through to the bridge on SH26 and off ers easy terrain.

Between the two is a 2.3km stretch that has been flagged for completion in the Council’s current 10 Year Plan. It is anticipated the development will continue from Riverview Road toward Studholme Street in stages before the two ends are joined up. Along the way will be the construction of a suspension bridge across the stream.

While the project has primarily been driven by the Council, there has been plenty of interest from the community and the Morrinsville Lions Club has added valuable assistance at the Avenue Road end, and in Holmwood Park.

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