Download the app that could help you in an emergency

In New Zealand we know disasters can strike anytime, anywhere and affect anyone. Be prepared for emergencies and download the Hazard App on your smart phone. The app, developed by Red Cross New Zealand is a free, comprehensive and convenient way to be ready for emergencies. The Hazard App can help you identify, prepare for and respond to hazards in New Zealand. The app is pre-loaded with information about hazards including floods, earthquakes, tsunami, fire, weather and biosecurity risks.

The app will guide you through preparing an emergency response kit and plan, what to do during an emergency and give you step-by-step information to help you recover. This pre-loaded content means you have instant access to all information, even without cell phone coverage or internet connection – anytime, anywhere.

On the app you can select up to five locations to monitor. You have control over the locations, types of hazard and level of alerts that you receive through the app. You’ll only get alerts for the locations you choose to monitor.

Alerts are sent by official agencies when there is a very serious event, for example you could get a notification about a coastal evacuation alert on Monday morning, and then another alert on Monday afternoon to let you know it was safe to return home. You can control the way you get notified – whether you want some notifications set to be a loud alarm, simply pop up on your screen, or none at all.

You can also use the Hazard App to send your own ‘I am safe’ message with your current location to your friends, family and social media accounts following an emergency.

Download the app and spread the word! Let your family and friends know about it, even those that are overseas can get alerts about incidents. This app is currently the primary notification system for New Zealand.

Download the app on your Apple device or download the app on your Android device

Hazards App


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